Normandy Landings 

The D-Day landings code names were Juno, Gold,Omaha Utah and Sword. The Mission was planed as a surprise attack several months before hand by the British and Allied forces.

The Battle of Normandy is regarded as the largest amphibious invasion in history with over 160,000 Allied troops invading over 50 miles of the coastal stretch of  German Occupied Normandy.

The Operation was code named  "Bodyguard" and set out to leading the Germans into Deception during the build up for the assault on Normandy The general  idea was to mislead the Germans into the exact time and location of the attack .

The British strategy of deception finally played a major part in the final outcome of World War Two.

The Normandy Attack caught the German defences completely unaware with Hitler defences very thin on the ground trying to defend the whole of Europe at the time.

It has been estimated that British forces suffered in the region of 11,000 casualties and 54,000 wounded or missing during the invasion of Normandy.