Winston Churchill was Born on 30th November 1874 and became a British conservative Politician.

Churchill spent several months commanding the Sixth Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers on the Western Front during the First World War as well as being involved in the development of the Armoured Tank.

Winston Churchill was twice the Prime minister first in 1940-1945 and later in 1951-1955.

Churchill was regarded as the best wartime leaders of that century and also an officer of the British Army.

Certainly a talented outspoken man who also spent time as a writer and also a artist and the only Prime Minister to received a Noble prize for Literature.

Spending 50 years in politics going back to theFirst World War.

Churchill often warned about the threat of Nazi Germany and was appointed Prime Minister in may 1940 after the resignation of Neville Chamberlain.

Winston Churchill always refused to consider any thought of defeat or surrendering to Nazi Germany.