The Luftwaffe was regarded as far more advanced in technology in regards to Military Aircraft during the Second World War.

The Luftwaffe was initially dissolved in May 1920 under the terms of "Treaty of Verailes" at the end of the First World War and Germany had been forbidden to design or manufacturer any military aircraft.

The Luftwaffe came to power in 1935 under Adolf Hitler

In 1935 the new German leader Adolf  Hitler was not willing to abide by the treaty set out just after the First World War.

Within only 3 years of Adolf Hitler coming to power the Germans were producing over 1100 Bomber and Fighter Aircraft.

The Germans had designed and built aircraft such as the fighter Messerschmitt BF109 and the Messerschmitt 110, as well as dive bomber aircraft Junka Stuka and the Heinkel He III as well as  the original commercial aircraft Dornier Do 17 was also transformed in a Heavy Bomber Aircraft.